Anxiety Treatment Center for Children, Adolescents & Older Adults in Missouri

Lakeland Behavioral Health System helps individuals struggling with anxiety build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. Serving Springfield, Missouri, Lakeland is the leading provider of psychiatric treatment for children, adolescents and older adults.

Learn More About Anxiety Treatment

Learn More About Anxiety Treatment at Lakeland Behavioral Health System in Missouri

It is perfectly normal to experience periods of anxiety that are the result of having to deal with everyday circumstances. However, for some individuals, their anxiety becomes excessive to a point where it impacts their daily lives. Even though most individuals realize that this amount of anxiety is not normal to have on a regular basis, they have a difficult time controlling it. Each anxiety disorder has different symptoms, but all of them have an underlying symptom of an excessive amount of fear and dread.

At Lakeland’s behavioral health center in Missouri, we know how distressing living a life filled with anxiety can be. Facing a day where you are constantly worried and having feelings of hopelessness can be exhausting. While right now it may seem that you won’t feel any different with proper medication and therapy, you can get your anxiety under control.

Why Consider Treatment

Why Consider Treatment for Anxiety at Lakeland Behavioral Health System in Missouri

Left untreated anxiety disorders will only get worse as the individual has no means of coping with the intense symptoms. Individuals who are suffering from an anxiety disorder may become socially isolated as they slowly pull away from friends and family. The significant amount of fear associated with anxiety disorders can become so intense that an individual may have work problems, have periods of depression, or in severe cases is unable to leave their home.

Our acute care clinic is designed to offer a wide variety treatment options in order to allow for our patients to fully heal. We will ensure that we provide you with all of the tools necessary to help you through the therapeutic process and leave with the skills necessary to cope with the symptoms of your anxiety. At Lakeland, we are so much more than just a stabilization center, we are here to jump start your treatment process. We provide our patients with confidential, personalized treatment plans that will effectively help them to get their anxiety under control. Our multidisciplinary approach includes a variety of different therapeutic techniques that will help educate patients and their family about their specific condition.

Our Philosophy

Lakeland Behavioral Health System’s Philosophy and Benefits

Lakeland Behavioral Health System in Missouri provides all of our patients and their families with high-quality treatment for all types of emotional and behavioral disorders in a residential and acute hospital setting. Each day it is our goal to provide the best possible care and most effective treatment to everyone who trust us with their care. We dedicate all of our time to being an outstanding provider of quality, safe, and cost-effective psychiatric services. We have multiple years of experience helping patients get past troubled times and return to a state of emotional well-being. Our compassionate staff is dedicated to helping individuals change their lives so that they are better equipped to function in their home environment.

Types of Treatment

Types of Anxiety Treatment Offered at Lakeland Behavioral Health System in Missouri

Upon arriving at Lakeland’s behavioral health clinic, your first step will be to complete an extensive medical and psychological evaluation that will help us to determine your individualized treatment needs. Our treatment team is composed of psychiatrists, psychologists, pharmacists, psychiatric nurses, social workers, clinical dietitians, and a recreational therapist all trained to provide you with the best possible care. All patients are matched with a therapist that will work best for their specific situation. Some of the following techniques may be used in your treatment:

Medication Management: Individuals who come to an inpatient program with an anxiety disorder will usually require medication to get the anxiety symptoms under control so that they can engage in the therapeutic process. Many times when new life skills are learned, medication is able to be decreased or even eliminated. Sometimes medications are used to treat the symptoms of a co-occurring disorder and may need to be used on a more long term basis. All medication use will be monitored by your treatment team and altered if necessary.

Individual Therapy: Individual therapy is a time where patients get alone time with a therapist to dig deeper into what may be the cause of their anxiety. Additionally, the patient can process their feelings and other issues they may be facing.

Group Therapy: At Lakeland, we offer a number of different groups in order to promote an atmosphere of healing where individuals can gain support from others who are struggling with similar issues. Group time is spent helping patients learn more about their anxiety, identify possible triggers, and understanding the importance of medication. 

Family Therapy: Family participation is a big part of the healing process here at Lakeland and parents of children patients are expected to fully engage in the whole treatment process from the initial intake assessment to the last discharge planning meeting. Family members will receive education about what a diagnosis of anxiety means, any medication needs, and specific coping strategies that have been learned. In addition to therapy, family members are allowed to visit for up to an hour each day.

We also provide a variety of experiential programs that are designed to help you return to your previous level of functioning. Depending on your treatment plan you may be involved in some of the following activities:

  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Pet therapy
  • Play therapy
  • School programming
  • Therapeutic exercise 

Continuing Care

Continuing Care and Levels of Treatment for Anxiety

When you have completed your inpatient program here at Lakeland’s behavioral health clinic, we will do everything we can to ensure that a plan is put in place to ensure continuity of care. You will work closely with a discharge planner in order to determine the next best step in your treatment process. We will also connect you and your family members with needed community resources. If additional treatment is needed, we will help you to identify the most appropriate program. For some this may be a Residential Program or a less intense Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) or Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). If it has been determined that you are ready to return home, we will work with you and your family members to make sure that everyone feels comfortable with the aftercare plan.

Marks of Quality Care
  • Arkansas Juvenile Officers Association
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Missouri Hospital Association
  • Missouri Juvenile Justice Association
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
  • The Joint Commission (JCAHO) Gold Seal of Approval
  • Tricare

My daughter's anxiety got to the point where it severely affected almost all the different parts of our lives. After seeking assistance at Lakeland Behavioral Health, she is now more equipped to deal with her symptoms and is able to go back to a healthier life!

– David D.

In response to the growing need for mental health services, we are expanding our older adult programming to include ages 40+