Items To Bring To Treatment

Please mark all objects with the child’s name; remove all strings, batteries, belts or sharp objects prior to presentation. Please do not pack anything of value (electronics, jewelry, and/or collectibles). Lakeland is an all-inclusive provider and there is no need to send money with the child/adolescent.

Everyday Attire

Parents are encouraged to bring 3-4 changes of clothing for acute care program and 4-5 changes of clothing for the residential program. Please note that these are full sets of clothes, including undergarments. Shoes and socks must be worn on the unit at all times and it is good to pack a pair of tennis shoes for recreational purposes. In the residential programs, a pair of “flip flops” will be issued by the facility. In the acute care program, shoelaces and strings longer than 6 inches will be removed when the child arrives at the program.

Parents are encouraged to pack something modest for the child or adolescent to sleep in at night. A pair of shorts and t-shirt, sweat suit and/or pajamas is acceptable.

Seasonal Attire

From May through August a one-piece swimsuit or swim-trunks are encouraged as Lakeland utilizes a pool for recreational therapy.

A coat or non-hooded sweatshirt are also encouraged in the Fall, Spring, and Winter if it is warm enough to have recreational time outside (please remove drawstrings and no metal zippers).

Hygiene Items

A parent may pack basic hygiene items but they will also be provided by the facility in an emergent situation.

Laundry Services

Lakeland utilizes a clothing bank in case there is an emergent situation or a clothing need. In the event the child/adolescent stays for more than 3-5 days there are laundry facilities on the unit and clothes are laundered as needed.

Personal Items

There are toys and recreational items on the unit and therefore it is not necessary to pack personal belongings. On the residential side and on the younger children’s acute unit it is acceptable to pack a pillow and blanket and a stuffed animal (if younger) to make their room feel more like home. Two to three age-appropriate books and/or a bound journal (no metal) will also be accepted in all programs and can be utilized during free-time.

Marks of Quality Care
  • Arkansas Juvenile Officers Association
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Missouri Hospital Association
  • Missouri Juvenile Justice Association
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
  • The Joint Commission (JCAHO) Gold Seal of Approval
  • Tricare

I walked through Lakeland's doors feeling afraid and alone. After going through treatment, I left feeling confident and having a more positive outlook on life. Lakeland Behavioral Health is truly a lifesaver!

– Phoebe S.

In response to the growing need for mental health services, we are expanding our older adult programming to include ages 40+