Free Confidential Depression Assessment

Symptoms of a depressive disorder can vary considerably from one person to the next depending upon a variety of individual factors. Certain life events and physical health problems can trigger the onset of certain symptoms, but there is a marked difference between an individual who is suffering from depression and an individual who is merely having an appropriate reaction to a challenging life circumstance.

The following quiz should not be misinterpreted as a diagnostic tool, but it could be a helpful exercise to help you identify areas of concern that may be best treated by a mental health professional.

1. Have you or your loved one felt extremely sad or hopeless for an extended period of time?

2. Have you or your loved one's eating habits and appetite changed significantly (and as a result, are either eating much more or much less than normal)?

3. Have you or your loved one's sleeping patterns changed significantly (either not sleeping much at all or are sleeping excessively)?

4. Do you or your loved one often feel exhausted, or have been struggling with extremely low energy?

5. Have you or your loved one experienced mood swings, such as outbursts of anger or crying, for no apparent reason?

6. Have you or your loved one missed work, school, or other responsibilities because you couldn’t get out of bed or leave the house?

7. Do you or your loved one struggle or find it impossible to complete everyday tasks such as paying bills, doing laundry, going grocery shopping, or tending to personal hygiene?

8. Do you or your loved one find it difficult to concentrate, focus, or otherwise pay attention?

9. Have you or your loved one lost interest in activities, issues, and/or events that have previously been important to you/them?

10. Do you or your loved one find it difficult or impossible to experience pleasure?

11. Have you or your loved one withdrawn from family and friends?

12. Do you or your loved one feel like a failure, or that you/they have let down friends, colleagues, or family members?

13. Do you or your loved one think that the world would be a better place if you/they weren’t around anymore?

14. Have you or your loved one had thoughts of self-harming or making an attempt to take your/their own life?

Thank you for taking Lakeland Behavioral Health System's Depression Screening.

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I walked through Lakeland's doors feeling afraid and alone. After going through treatment, I left feeling confident and having a more positive outlook on life. Lakeland Behavioral Health is truly a lifesaver!

– Phoebe S.