Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program

Lakeland’s behavioral health clinic in Missouri provides a dual diagnosis program to address substance abuse issues and break the cycle of addiction. Beginning the first day and throughout treatment the therapist and case manager will develop a relapse prevention/safety plan to provide the individual and family with continued support and treatment after transition home.

  • Initial Screening with resident, guardian and outpatient providers to determine if the “dual diagnosis” program is clinically indicated. Assessment utilizes the DSM-IV criteria to identify the presence or absence of a substance related disorder.
  • Urine drug screen (UDS) when admitted and when resident returns from pass and/or home visit to identify need or ongoing need for substance abuse interventions.
  • Treatment plan is then individualized based on need and the level of treatment focus necessary to address substance abuse issues.
  • Psycho-social Assessment is also utilized to determine genetic predisposition to substance abuse and the family dynamics contributing to addiction. Assessment used to identify personality types that are at high risk to fall into substance abuse.  Assessment used to identify support structures within the resident’s system to help with relapse prevention and plan for guardian/home reunification.
  • Cognitive-Behavior Therapy on an individual and family basis to address substance abuse triggers, identify negative coping strategies and thinking errors that lead to relapse.  A 12 step program is utilized if the treatment team feels the resident will benefit from this form of intervention.
  • Educational groups and unit discussions utilized regarding different types of substances/addictions and the negative life consequences.  Drug education groups regarding abuse vs. addiction/dependence utilized.
  • Recovery and safety plan developed to utilize when the resident has completed care and is ready to transition.
  • Ongoing case management and discharge planning beginning the 1st day of treatment at Lakeland’s treatment clinic to assist the resident with the greatest opportunity for recovery.  Individual and group substance abuse therapy will be set up if clinically indicated prior to the transition.  Therapist and case manager will explore other avenues for ongoing transition of care through local community support systems.