Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Center

At Lakeland Behavioral Health in Missouri, we know that it is not unusual for someone diagnosed with a mental health disorder to be suffering from another disorder as well. In order for individuals to fully recover and be able to get back to their highest level of functioning, all disorders need to be treated simultaneously. The staff at Lakeland’s treatment center are professionally trained and well equipped to handle such situations. Our individualized treatment plans allow us to address each patient’s individual needs and provide them with the most effective treatment available.

The staff at Lakeland’s treatment center have had years of experience helping individuals recover from a variety of different mental health disorders and we will be there for you as well. Our focus is to provide every patient that comes to us with coping strategies that will allow them to manage the everyday stressors of life in a more appropriate manner. Additionally, we will work with all involved family members so that everyone is fully educated about the presenting condition and know what they can do to aid in the recovery process. At Lakeland’s psychiatric clinic, we are fully prepared to treat a wide range of conditions such as mood disorders, anxiety disorders, chemical dependency, psychosis, dementia, delirium, and memory loss, among others. We at Lakeland in Missouri make sure to see past the symptoms and treat each person as an individual so that you can truly overcome your mental illness.

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